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Xbox Series X and Playstation 5: The media repercussion on their latest …

by ace
Xbox Series X and Playstation 5: The media repercussion on their latest ...

When everyone thought the year was over in terms of news, behold some bombs came out and changed everything! We have a supposed design of what the next generation will look like, where Microsoft will bet on a powerful monster with the Xbox Series X and Sony will try to balance the price and hardware with the Playstation 5.

It seems that the Japanese company will repeat the strategy that worked with the Playstation 4 and launch a console that costs $ 400. It is unlikely to follow the Playstation 3 with its $ 600 that has suffered bitter damage for several years. Microsoft, in turn, will come with the power… but how powerful is the Xbox Series X? In this article we will comment on media reaction and on data that other sites have not passed on.

If you are still a little lost, then I recommend that you read our article about recent leaks first. We were the first national site to review this.

Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, commented on this:

Interesting data leaks here for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Of course, it doesn't tell the whole story, but it does point to the goals of Sony and Microsoft.

interesting data leak here for PS5 and Xbox Series X. It doesn't tell the whole story, obviously, but it hints at Sony and Microsoft’s targets https://t.co/ti3ZDjQrZi

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) December 30, 2019

The trust of information

So that's it, this is the most reliable information so far for the next generation. Of course that is not all, but they are really being seen as "drafts" for what will come next. Below, let's go over some mentions that the Digital Foundry talked about the leaks:

… However, having looked at the situation and independently verified the source, the overwhelming evidence is that the data actually comes from AMD… My understanding is that this data was first stored on GitHub about six to seven months ago… Although this might suggest that the test data does not reflect current state-of-the-art console specifications, it is important to remember that developing a microprocessor with the complexity we are talking about here tends to be a multi-year effort. Testing and validating a chip to ensure it meets performance goals and passes debugging is a lengthy process – and changes to the chip architecture are unlikely at this time.

That is, Digital Foundry believes that the data was actually leaked from AMD itself by GitHub (which is from Microsoft, by the way). They may look old (six or seven months ago), but the truth is that all this work takes years of study and testing, so much has been done for months and cannot be changed. Normally, already in the middle of the year begin to manufacture the new consoles. Both consoles are at an advanced stage by this time of the championship.

Controversial backward compatibility

As for the backwards compatibility of the Playstation 5, it's still a mystery if it will have and how it will work. A minor concern for Playstation fans with this leak is the possible backward compatibility approach Sony is implementing through the APU downclock.

This may mean that, unlike Microsoft's approach, we will not see games from previous generations benefiting from the full power of the new processor. We've seen a lot of enhanced titles on Xbox One X due to enhanced shading and native 4K resolution, thanks to the advantage of the latest technology.

It will be a missed opportunity if PS4 games don't make it to PS5 or if they don't benefit from the power of the new machine. Meanwhile, Microsoft has already confirmed that current Xbox One games will play better on the Xbox Series X, as well as Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles.

The exaggerated power

The Xbox Series X would have 3584 shaders, which would be translated to a processor with 56 active computing units. While the Playstation 5 would have 36 computing units. It is a very significant difference. If confirmed at number 56 for the Microsoft console, it's a bigger monster than Digital Foundry dreamed it to be. However, the site alerts, what will the price of all this cost? Keep in mind that, so far, Series X power is still untold.

Will Playstation 5 have Ray Tracing fake?

This is a question that is circulating on the web. According to this rumor, the Xbox Series X will have dedicated hardware for Ray Tracing – that feature that roughly makes graphics more realistic and should be one of the key points for the next generation. However, we should remember that in October Sony confirmed that the PS5 will have hardware Ray Tracing, so we will have to rely on Sony's words here or wait for further leakage to understand this.

Little is known about upcoming Xbox consoles

According to Digital Foundry:

Also worth mentioning is that the leak is scarce in concrete detail in terms of the next generation Xbox – there are tips on both processor designs for the Xbox Lockhart and Anaconda, but nothing massively conclusive about what separates them. In fact, I understand that there is absolutely no detail for the cheaper Xbox Lockhart, other than a potential codename for the processor (Sparkman – again, this is not confirmed). In fact, the little we can capture about the X Series from this leak that suggests a top-of-the-line, premium-priced console that practically requires some kind of stable, cheaper mass-market companion – and with that in mind, is curious that nothing substantial in this processor leaked.

The most mysterious part is the Xbox Series X, Digital Foundry doesn't know how far console power can go and doesn't understand how Microsoft is hiding it at this point in the championship, especially the supposed Xbox Lockhart which would be an “Xbox Series”. S ”cheaper, while the Xbox Series X, being much more powerful, may be more expensive.

Looks like Microsoft doesn't care about TV, TV, TV this time. She just created a highly powerful black box for monster quality gaming and perhaps another cheap console to go with it. Sony wants to repeat what it did with the PS4, and moving away from the PS3 just can't forget that the Don Mattrick era is over. The fight will be good this time.

Xbox Series X and Playstation 5: The media repercussion on their latest ...

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