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You can try Hunt: Showdown for free on Xbox One, learn how!

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As Crytek made that promise a few weeks ago, the multiplayer shooter was released in its final release for Xbox One this week. If you have an Xbox One X you will be even more amazed that the game has been optimized to harness the power of Microsoft's most powerful console. The good news of the day is that this new version of Hunt: Showdown came with a free trial.

Xbox One gamers can currently download a trial version and try it out. Just follow simple steps: you can access this link, sign in with your Microsoft account and click “free trial”, or you can go to your Xbox One settings and switch to the “United States” region (not the language) and look for “Hunt Showdown” in the store.

What is Hunt: Showdown? It's a multiplayer shooter by Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series and Ryse: Son of Rome. You take on the role of hunters who need to hunt monsters on two teams and collect their rewards. Not only do the other teams get in the way, but also several AI opponents.

Hunt also had a final version released for the PC. Meanwhile, a new map, new enemy types, more weapons and many more enhancements are being added. Developers are very transparent in the community flows and regulars of current progress.

Hunt is especially fun in cooperative mode and puts a lot of emphasis on sound, stealth and tactics. In addition to the normal hunting mode, in which five pairs fight for the fangs of the big monsters, there is also the Quickplay variant with much shorter rounds. In both cases: who dies loses all their equipment. Therefore, the rounds regularly reach a very high level of tension for everyone involved.

Have you tested? Recommend?

You can try Hunt: Showdown for free on Xbox One, learn how!

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